Ready to build your next great mobile app? Get set up on ObjectRocket and Rackspace!


ObjectRocket provides a suite of scalable services specifically designed to take the headache out of operating and scaling your NoSQL database.

To take part in the NoSQL Mobile App Challenge, follow the steps below to try out ObjectRocket’s tools for the duration of the competition. If you have technical questions about ObjectRocket or it’s implementation, please post them on the ObjectRocket Developer Support Forum.

To sign up for your free ObjectRocket account follow the steps below:
  1. Sign up for an ObjectRocket Account by entering your email, a password, and accepting the ObjectRocket Terms of Service.
  2. Once you've created your ObjectRocket account and signed in, DO NOT enter your credit card to create an instance. 
  3. Fill out the ObjectRocket NoSQL Mobile App Challenge Sign-up Form to receive your free instance (up to 5GB/ $95 per month).
  4. After you complete the form, ObjectRocket will create an instance for you within 5-7 business days and a credit (up to 5GB/ $95 per month) will be added to your ObjectRocket account for the duration of the competition. You will be notified by email once your instance is created.



Although you are not required to use Rackspace for this competition, Rackspace is providing a variety of cloud data stores and services to help you build your NoSQL mobile app. By signing up for the Rackspace NoSQL Mobile App Challenge Discount you’ll be able to access them for 6 months (limit of $2,000 credit per month)!

Check out the:

Want to get started fast? Check out Rackspace’s StrongLoop Deployment.

Rackspace deployments accelerate the speed at which you can get to doing what you do best - developing your app! With the StrongLoop deployment, Rackspace automates the provisioning of your Cloud resources, and sets up StrongLoop using documented best practices. Once the deployment is up, you can get started consuming LoopBack services!

Rackspace Deployments remove the need for you to perform system administration tasks to get started – now with just a few clicks you’re ready to go!

To use the Rackspace NoSQL Mobile App Challenge Discount:
  1. Fill out the Rackspace NoSQL Mobile App Challenge Discount form to receive your unique promo code. (Promo codes will be sent out within 5-7 business days after filling out the form.)
  2. Once you have your unique promo code, sign up for Rackspace and enter your promo code on the bottom of page 3.
  3. Enjoy your $2,000 credit for the next 6 months! You’ll get monthly statements letting you know where you are in your free trial.

If you have technical questions about Rackspace, please visit: